Curse of the Dirty Nightmare

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Curse of the Dirty Nightmare

Maldição do Pesadelo Sujinho - Versão em Português

"Majestic! A Little Onion is a Little Onion, even in a dream...”

Hunter Jimmy Five faces Mico Smudge, Host of the Dirty Nightmare, to try to put an end to this whole mess.

Monica and Friends is a Brazilian comic books series and, inspired by their own parodies from other universes, I inserted Jimmy Five (in Portuguese he is called “Cebolinha” which translated literally would be “little onion”) and Smudge, as The Hunter and Micolash respectively, in Bloodborne, a PlayStation 4 game that has a gothic horror theme.

Project: Illustration, concept and fanart
Date: 12/05/2020

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