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Easter 2019

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Easter 2019

Páscoa 2019 - Versão em Português

Just like Christmas 2018, I also wanted to make an Easter Bunny adapted for the Southern Hemisphere's season, in this case, autumn. He has a cap with stripes referring to the paintings made on eggs, sweatshirt, apron, which has the shape of a bunny's face, with pockets, where the teeth would be, to store the brushes, and booties, all to protect against the cold that begins to appear in this time and also from mud. In his right hand is a wrapped egg and on the left a brush. On the back, it has a chocolate machine in the shape of a carrot, which has a roll of packages. This machine injects chocolate into the mold on the right of Otonio, which he picks the egg, wraps and paints them using the paint palette.

In the illustration, he is preparing everything for the adventure of the little ones, glancing behind a bush, watching the children reach the Easter eggs he had hidden in the middle of the city park.

Project: Illustration and concept art
Date: 19 and 20/IV/2019

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