Inktober 2018

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Inktober 2018

Inktober 2018 - Versão em Português

Once again, I faced this challenge. Inktober is a test of endurance where the artist may not even be able to maintain the level of quality, but there is a dedication, a commitment, a devotion to the goal of doing 31 illustrations in 31 days. And this text is not to discourage, quite the opposite. If we go, let's go to the end. We go to it, and we'll get stronger. If there is a stumble, we will get up and get on firmer. From this day we may not finish masters, but we will certainly make excellent trainers. We will train our strength, resilience, reaction to the adversities that only 31 consecutive days of activities can generate. And, of course, we will train Pokémon!

Project: Illustrations, concept and fanarts
Date: 01 to 31/X/2018

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