Princess of Castillo

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Princess of Castillo

Princesa de Castillo - Versão em Português

"Princess of Castillo" was a gift I made in March of this year. For this type of painting, I like to create a concept and search for things, such as the origin of names, helps me a lot in this.

It seems that the origin of her last name is Spanish and means "castle", the colors of her coat are white and green with details in red and gold and in her family there are four people (her parents and brother), number that I used for the visual rhyme of the composition.

The dress is red and gold and inspired by Spanish medieval armor, to manifest her strength and endurance. The golden crown has four emeralds and, just like the dress, they have references of the castles and fortifications.

Project: Illustration and concept art
Date: 02/III/2019

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