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Rádio Inferno 2021

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Rádio Inferno 2021

Rádio Inferno 2021 - Versão em Português

Rádio Inferno is a radio dedicated to covering the day-to-day of Internacional, a Brazilian professional football club based in Porto Alegre, mainly the match days, the "Dia de Inter" as they are called, where they make a whole programming for them, from the pre-game, the Jornada Inferno, with narration in real-time, and the post-game, with collectives, debates and interactivity. For the identity of these intense days, I tried to bring the textures of paper pasted on the walls along with the red-and-white of the Giant from Beira-Rio.

Check out the Rádio Inferno's Twitter.

Project: Design for social media
Date: 07/01/2021
Client: Rádio Inferno
Area: Web radio

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