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At the beginning of 2015, from the moment Cleon decided to show the world his newly started growth as a student of design and illustrator, there was a need to have a visual identity that represented him.

Art of Cleon already had other appearances, even other names, but its essence was always the same: show the work and professional evolution of its creator to the world, and for that it was necessary to make a symbol where people recognized their works and knew where and how to find more. And this symbol was made.

A visual identity was elaborated inspired by the strokes of the brushes made during the production of an artwork, in the fascination to learn and understand more and more about digital art, design and everything else that they delightfully include.

The sans-serif typography was used harmonizing with the movement of the symbol and with the four colors: red, representing the passion for art; the turquoise, corresponding to the harmony of the elements; symbolizing the benches and the nomadism of its creator, the cream; and finally, the purple, expressing the transformation of art.

These were the elements thought and developed that should be used as the vanguard of this new moment of Art of Cleon and thus be able to open up and show even more his passion worldwide.

Project: Brand redesign
Date: 06/III/2019

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