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As a proposal for the visual identity of the Franciscan University, a brand was developed that represented with security, consistency and solidity the Franciscan teachings and precepts established at the university, as well as the professional future sought by the students and their entire academic cycle within the institution.

Then for the more geometric forms, the image of Saint Francis was used as inspiration, thus depicting the determination to promote an increasingly prosperous teaching environment, assisted by its asymmetrical pose and its halo, represented as a line in transition, directing the vision to the future in search of its aspirations. Its halo also symbolizes the whole stage of learning of the academics in the university.

The chromatic palette consists of navy blue and cream. Navy blue refers to harmony, experience and stability. The cream derives from the brown, color of the religious order, where it represents solidity and confidence. The cream color itself imparts calm, comfort.

The typography used as institutional was a sans serif font with strong traits, propagating solidity and modernity to the reader. It is believed that the composition of these elements, forms, lines, colors and typography, will represent the Franciscan teachings provided by the institution.

Client: Franciscan University
Area: University
Collaborators: Assecom
Project: Brand redesign proposal
Date: 06/VII/2017

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