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Souls Garden Games

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For Souls Garden Games, a logo was created that could meet its objectives in its segment of selling items for RPG, board and card games and could also represent the store's distinct environment with an outdoor space where its public can enjoy a good moment of leisure. Its name seeks to represent this in a fun way, inspired from the language present in its products.

His symbol was made using these characteristics, applying the two-dimensional projection of a dice, the hexagon, much used in the games of its community. The larger hexagon was configured to also mean a soul, its own consuming public, while the smaller one, located at the top, symbolizing the garden trees and the leisure space as a whole.

It was thought to use a triadic harmony as a palette, due to its balance and richness of tonalities. The purple refers to spirituality used in a fun way, as well as the magic involving these games, the green represents the nature of the store's own recreation area, the orange symbolizing joy and moments of pleasure and fun created in the establishment and the gray, present in the three major versions of the logo, meaning the responsibility and seriousness of the company with its public.

Finally, the typography, with slightly curved forms, was chosen as a counterpoint to the straight lines of the symbol and the gray tone present in the logo, again referring to the playfulness and fun it provided. These elements will represent and support Souls Garden Games in achieving their goals.

Client: Mark Braunstein
Area: Board and card games store
Project: Logo design
Date: 09/VII/2018

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